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Mahjongg like but with its own unique twist

Sarakon is a cool taken on Mahjongg, but it doesn't copy it verbatim, rather takes the same approach in terms of style of play, where the game is played via interaction with tiles, by oneself, but the rule set is original. What you will be asked to do in this one will be to clear the tiles in a specific order, order which is different with each new game, depending on a set of criteria. Still, for a Solitaire kind of game it sure offers a pretty cool option, and, thus, it manages to create very intense playthroughs. Graphically, it looks more than alright. The clean tiles, the nonintrusive backgrounds and the minimalist yet efficacious interface and controls work great in this one. Thus, you'll need 5 minutes to find out if you like the premise of the game, and Sarakon sure puts some thought into all the other elements, so as to create a very alright game. Give it a try if you love tile based games, especially the oriental themed ones. Sarakon is one of the better ones out there, for sure.

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