Battle Isle

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte Galactic War

Old school tactical wargame

Battle Isle is the first in a long series of Battle Isle futuristic tactical wargames that was fantastic at the time, but today's player might have a few problems with it. One of the main reasons are the quirky and troublesome controls, because if game is only played with a keyboard and it will be frustrating to play that way, to say the least. Playing with the mouse will give you problems, too, although not as much as before. The best bet is to play with a joystick, if you have one. There is a option to play the game against the AI, which is fairly decent but a bit repetitive since the writing is simple and a bit outdated, or against a human player, which can provide a lot more fun, since the gameplay will be a lot less predictable that way. After you've figured out the controls and gotten used to them, the game will start to get a bit more fun. Well, the graphics are pretty simple, but fairly detailed and not too grainy. The audio is pretty much of the same quality. My final ruling is that, if you're a fan of the series, you will want to try the game to see how the series has started, but new players will probably be a bit more relaxed with some of the newer games from the series, like Battle Isle 2 and later. Still, a pretty good game.

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