Full Spectrum Warrior

Action 2004 Windows Game Factory Interactive Military Strategic scope Simulation Tpp Strategy Modern

Action and strategy combined

If you like the thrills of shooters like Hidden & Dangerous combined with strategy elements, then Full Spectrum Warrior is going to be right up your alley. It's a complex and detailed look at a very realistic military world which requires quick thinking and reflexes in order to survive and which proves to be largely enjoyable. You take on the role of a commander with two squads under your control. You're charged with tracking down the notorious terrorist Al Afad, and your mission takes you through an extensive series of environments in a fictional Middle Eastern country. You'll venture into dangerous streets, airports and buildings, each of which is packed with bad guys out to kill you. However, this is no first person shooter, but finds you controlling each of your squad members. You issue orders to each man, telling them to take cover, shoot at a particular enemy or blow something up. Each soldier has unique abilities and you need to use both squads together in order to emerge successful. Strategy is key and you can't just go in all guns blazing, and instead you need to think about flanking moves, covering fire and so on. For something a little different from the usual military shooters, this comes highly recommended. It's got all the action that Battlefield and Call of Duty offer but is more suited to those of a slightly more thoughtful frame of mind, as a sharp trigger finger is just one part of what you need here. With its excellent visuals and tense, exciting missions, this really is cracking stuff.

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