Battlefield 1942

Action 2002 Windows Electronic Arts War Military FPS


Battlefield 1942 may be considered a real classic of the games that recreate perfectly the battles of the World War II. This game is for those that are tired of modern weapons and times, and have the need and lust for going back in other historical eras, getting in contact with hunger, cold weather, scare and misery. You will be attracted and impressed even from the beginning, by watching the introduction movie. The absorbing music, the detailed and harmonious visual effects, will help you enter into the story and action impatiently. Both single player and multiplayer modes will offer a breathtaking and genuine war experience. You will have the possibility to control up to 64 soldiers, to use various and numerous weapons available to the Axis and Allies and you will command terrain vehicles, aircrafts and other warships. The numerous options on the battlefield distinguish this game from other FPS war games like MoH. Battlefield 1942 is the first game of the series, and you will be taken to the reputed and strong locations well-known in the WW2 (Eastern and Western Europe, Pacific and North Africa). The multiplayer maps contain locations like Guadalcanal, Stalingrad, Kharkov, El Alamein, Berlin and Omaha Beach. The expansion pack to this game will add six maps of battles that will take place in Italy. So, play this superb game!

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