Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Military Strategic scope Military FPS

Decent add-on but nothing more

This is an expansion pack for Hidden & Dangerous 2, a decent tactical WWII shooter that offers a fair amount of substance in addition to style and which provides some challenging and enjoyable action. This add-on follows the same basic gameplay as the main game, with players taking control of a squad of elite soldiers and sending them into a variety of theatres of war and charging them with some tactically complex and engrossing missions. These include the likes covert and stealth-based ops as well as frontal assaults and demolitions actions and which present a fairly authentic look at historical combat. Sabre Squadron adds in nine new single-player campaign maps as well as eight multi-player ones, while also tweaking enemy AI somewhat and allowing for the use of certain vehicles, like the Sherman tank. The new missions take place across France, Libya and Sicily and are actually based on real-life SAS exploits, something which gives the game a good sense of authenticity. The game retains its predecessor's sandbox-style, with players free to approach missions how they like and with plenty of options to allow you to exercise strategy and cunning, such as the ability to kidnap enemy soldiers and steal their uniforms. As far as add-ons go, this is reasonable stuff. The new missions are pretty decent, maintaining the high level of challenge that fans appreciate and they are undeniably satisfying to plan and execute, with lots of opportunities for high tension situations. However, there's not a lot beyond the nine missions so this doesn't offer the greatest value so unless you are a die-hard H&D fan, you can probably skip this.

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