24 Games for Windows

Strategy 1995 Windows Expert Software Board games

A good combination of 24 games

It's a huge collection of 24 different games that are related to the arcade games, card games, puzzles games and action games. So the sure thing here is that you will get a complete entertainment package in one game. Among this 24 games, not all of them are good but still there are many that will really render you with sheer fun. The card games that they have incorporated in it are typical solitaire stuff and in fact a bit inferior to the original themes. The arcade stuff includes reflexive puzzle based themes which are also not that good enough to my liking. What I liked the most in this package in the strategy puzzle games which are diverse, exciting, competitive and fun. Yes you can find all these traits in these games because they have a combination of different themes which have been incorporated on a single platform that will really test your patience and skills. The UI of this package has been made quite simple so that you can easily choose any game you want and the option in every other game are also easy to use. The gaming engine is great which allows the games to load quickly and the individual graphics in most of them are above average. Well i see it as a cut above the rest in this category.

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