Gabriel Knight

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Myth and legend Mystery Point and click Horror

Adventure with mesmerizing story and a love for history facts

Gabriel Knight is one of the most fondly remembered and loved adventure games of the 90s era, and this has to do with the great story that the game told, but also because of the interesting puzzles and quests if was filled with. This is no surprise though, give that the entire Gabriel Knight series was written by none other than Jane Jensen, who also worked on the King's Quest Series, especially for King's Quest VI. The game plays as a classic point and click and the setting is ripe for an interesting mix of historic fact as well as fiction. Gabriel is a book store owner as well as an author. The first game sets out the premise of the entire series, for Gabriel to reach his destiny and become a Shadow Hunter. The game had a more mature tone than many other adventures of the era and its puzzles were most of the time logical, but sometime supernatural elements would be used as well as Deus Ex machina manners in which certain conflicts and plot stops would be held up. Nevertheless, it managed to gather the interest of point and click adventurers with a love for history and fantasy and to this day the first game remains a really playable adventure. Give it a try, you won't regret it.

Point and click adventure from mid 90s

Sins of the fathers has one of the best storyline and lovable characters of any adventure game and is my personal favourite out all the classics. The reason for this is probably that the writer is a professional novelist. An un-dying classic you should download.

Well-written history

A classic adventure game, Gabriel Knight is a well-written, intelligent and witty historical fiction in which Gabriel Knight, an author writing a book on voodoo, becomes wrapped up in the local voodoo-themed murders and discovers more than he anticipated. One of the best games I've ever played! Set in New Orleans, this game alone made me take a trip there just to see some of the places you go to in the game (most of them are real or based on real places). Definitely worth a play through. There are also two excellent sequels (check between related games).

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