The 7th Guest

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Trilobyte Mystery Horror Movie style Point and click Puzzle Casual

Brings a fresh taste for the classic adventure fans

The 7th Guest is a 1993 adventure game where the player confronts with a lot of spooky situations. The story unfols in a hunted and enigmatic mansion, where you have to solve various interesting puzzles. You will enter Henry Stauf's mansion, who is a popular maker of children's toys. The tragic events occured after he created an amazing doll. People that owned that toy began to die, and this drove Henry to a long-term isolation in his mansion. One day, six guests were invited to a party at his house, and from then, they disappeared without trace. You play as the unidentified 7th guest, who has to solve the mistery behind that night. The view is from a first-perspective, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the design of the interface and environment. You will be welcomed by some revolutionary and throughly created graphics. You navigate and explore locations with an animated skeleton hand cursor. The locations are accesible by consulting the map. The puzzles are not boring at all, they are beautifully animated and they will capture your interest with every challenge. Despite its old release, this game still brings a fresh taste to the fans of the classic adventure games. Play this game, because even with its flaws, it will attract your attention from the start!

Challenging adventure game

The 7th guest is a game to challenge your mind and keep you interested for hours. Even as old as the game is you still get creeped out as you explore your enviorment. I played this game when it first came out and the puzzles are interesting and the story is an attention grabber.

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