Laura Bow 2: the Dagger of Amon Ra

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Mystery Crime investigation Point and click Detective mystery

There's someone rotten at the museum

Although the continuation of the Laura Bow mystery game, The Dagger of Amon Ra almost feels like it's a stand alone game because it is so drastically changed that it almost became unrecognizable. This time around we are facing with a fabulous and greatly improved point and click adventure in 8bit color (compared to the earlier 4bit), a much better story and a hell of lot more fun. This time, our modern-day Agatha Christie is just having some fun at an Egyptian themed exhibition and a series of murders start to occur. And just like in the Agatha Christie novels, this young woman is determined to find out who did it by solving numerous puzzles, finding clues and fitting all the pieces together into one coherent idea. This game of murder and intrigue will really captivate the player and Lara as a main character is fantastically portrayed as an ordinary woman with a strong sense of justice. From beginning to end, Laura Bow 2 is a fabulous adventure game that will take away hours of your time. Have fun!

Keep you playing for hours

This is a game where the graphics are fantastic for the time and it is full of suspense to keep you playing for hours and hanging off the edge of your seat. For the 90's the music is fabulous, very intriguing, and it fits the locations perfectly. Speaking of locations, there are many of them for you to explore. There is a wide range of characters, each with a secret to hide, for you to question. I must admit, if there is one thing I hate it's dying... There are many possible ways to kill yourself off. Save your game often and if you are killed you can go back to the saved game beforehand. The first Laura Bow mystery was ok but this one was a huge improvement! The graphics, character design, and music all had a fabulous change compared to The Colonel's Bequest. If you don't play this, you don't know what you are missing. In conclusion, this game has a fantastic adventure, mystery genre you should not miss.

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