Gadget Tycoon

Simulation 2001 Windows Monte Cristo Multimedia Tycoon style

Combination of management with adventure

Gadget Tycoon puts you in the shoes of an inventor, and it offers you the chance to grow, become well known and take on the world with your inventions. Now, the game is a management/tycoon type, but it also has elements that would not feel stranded in an adventure game. But, mostly, the game manages to create a balanced combination of gameplay between the two. Later on in the game it will allow you to manage and control the production of your gadgets, but the game starts slowly, with you easily getting inside the business. Graphically, while I could have lived with a lot less, I was impressed with the quality of the 2D top down vistas that the game offers, of the production halls and offices, and was also alright with the Win XP like look of the menus and sidebars. Yeah, it's a nice surprise to see a game as well executed as this one, fun, intricate at times, and offering more than a standard tycoon, with its inclusion of adventure and story portions. What it reminded me most of, in the way it is weaved together was Airline Tycoon, with which Gadget Tycoon shares the graphical style and the combination of gameplay styles.

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