Oil Tycoon

Simulation 2001 Windows Blackstar Interactive Business Tycoon style

A nice economical simulator that bring suspense for the sim fans

Oil Tycoon is the type of simulator that opens your appetite for building a wonderful and entertaining business! I say this because you will travel around the world searching for glory and money! The game contains various tutorials, all for a perfect development and progress while you take charge of a large oil company. You are challenged to build various structures in numerous cities, such as Montreal and New York. Also, your tasks involve constructing oil wells, oil purification centers, leading business deals with transport companies, packaging companies, and competitor oil firms. Your business will be expanded with these building objectives, and not only with them. Every beautiful aspect of what characterises this kind of oil business will be in your hands, and you will become a real expert in no time! If you follow correctly the tutorials hints and if you make a great job, you will reach a level where the AI and all your rivals will be taken down by your actions! If you want a bigger challenge, you can try the exciting multiplayer, with your friends and other simulator fans! All in all, play this nice economic simulator that can bring suspense among the enthusiasts of this genre!

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