Mall Tycoon

Simulation 2002 Windows Gathering of Developers Tycoon style

Better than the horrible graphics

Mall Tycoon is a 2002 management game that supposes building a computerized shopping center. I have to say that this game is not for everyone. I personally, after going through the whole process of development, I never wanted to do that again. I don't say it was difficult, but I found it somehow boring. And when it comes to tycoon games, I have some demands. You can choose to construct a one level "strip mall", or a multi-level shopping center. The collection of equipments and items with which you can build your mall includes: rollercoasters, benches, floor types, parking lots, drink machines, escalators, elevators, ATM machines, and many more. A proper progress and the way you can remain on top of the competition is to remain updated doing some research and develop new products and upgrades to your existing equipment. The game's developers haven't worked hard at the graphics area, but the good thing is that the gameplay is better than the graphics. However, I encountered some bugs and crashes from time to time. All in all, as I said, Mall Tycoon didn't suit my preferences when it comes to tycoon management games, mostly due to its lack of complexity and consistency. But, you should try it and see if it's worth your time.

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