Airline Tycoon

Simulation 1998 Windows Monte Cristo Multimedia Trade or management Business Tycoon style

Be an airline tycoon in a Neighbors from Hell like universe

For those that would like to try their hand at running an airline company, there are few present day games to dabble in that genre. However, back in the day Monte Cristo was meddling in this genre as well and Airline Tycoon was the product of their interest. However, for hardcore players, that want to have a go at a serious and very well designed game, this production will be a little too cartoonish. It's not only that the game's graphics are very cartoony, it's also that serious simulation does not find a place in this game. You will manage flight patterns, you will manage your pilots and the crew as well as the inherent problems of flight, bad weather, delays, luggage that gets misplaces, etc. However, the problem is that all of these activities seem to be rather scripted than organically developed from a serious simulation. But, given the style of the game which seems to be more appropriate for children, maybe these won't feel as drawbacks. But then again, weren't tycoons meant to be serious games for the anal manager type? I don't know. In any case, I can't recommend this for serious and dedicated tycoon players, and I don't see who this title might target for its audience. I personally let this one fly by!

Manage an airport in all its aspects

When it comes to Tycoon games I can name a few that I really love and am still playing even today: Transport Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon etc.With Airline Tycoon I expect a game where I basically make my own airport and manage it. Three quarters of my expectation were met. I don't really own my own airport, but I pretty much can do a lot of things in the airport. In the game, you word as some sort of manager of the airport and manages your own flights, your own planes etc. At first, I thought that this is pretty much it, just manage your flights and planes. However, there a lot of things you can do in game, there is a lot of interactivity. The graphics are pretty nice.It's like a mixture of cartoonish style and a semi-realistic kind of graphics(you can find these kind of graphics in Neighbours from Hell). I'm keeping review short because I'm not good at managerial kind of games, but all I can say is that if you love these kind of games then Airline Tycoon is worth your time.

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