Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds - Clone Campaigns

Strategy 2002 Windows Aspyr Media Real time Isometric Science Fiction

May the Force be with you

This is an add-on for the original Galactic Battlegrounds, a largely enjoyable bit of real-time strategy set in the ever expanding Star Wars universe. The game is built on the Age of Empires engine so if you're familiar with those titles will be right at home here. The base game saw you engaging in large-scale battles in environments from all six movies, with a massive variety of units and with a strong narrative focus. You're given the choice of controlling the forces of the Trade Federation, the Rebel Alliance, or the Empire during the Battles of Hoth, Yavin or Naboo. This add-on builds on the foundations of its predecessor and actually improves on it in many ways. It focuses partially on Attack of the Clones, with more units from the movie, as well as 14 single-player missions which take place in all the movies and even the expanded universe and which feature many major events and characters. This really is one of the best games to bear the Star Wars name and is a must play for anyone with an interest in the universe. The gameplay is simple to get into thanks to the intuitive controls and you'll be sending out your troops to conquer the galaxy in no time. The visuals are strong too, with a good sense of the universe and with all the units rendered in nice levels of detail and which really help bring the game alive. The new missions add some nice variety and challenge, with some truly epic battles to engage in so really, if you're a Star Wars fan, you have no excuse not to play this.

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