O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base

Strategy 2002 Windows 1C Company Isometric Science Fiction Action Real time Sci fi

Real time strategy

It is a futuristic strategy game which involves good action and a lot of tactical elements. The plot is that an empire which was really vast spread in the galaxy collapsed and the worlds in it were separated and went into the dark intergalactic ages. They have been living there for quite some time. A spaceflight has been acquired again and two races have now set in the space to explore the resources which will enable them to build their empire. The two races start fight with each other and a war is declared. So you will basically play the role of a commander of one of the races to fight against the other. Your missions to gather the resources from different planets through which you will built your ships and empire and you also have to defeat the other race in doing so. You will command and control individual units and can also give out orders to groups. It is a real time strategy game which has some really good 3D graphics and these graphics allow you to explore a lot of domains. The level designs and the strategic elements are perfectly designed and incorporated to the game play and the game is nothing short of exciting. A same game with the same fun would be State of War.

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