Strategy 2001 Windows Continuum Entertainment Real time Science Fiction

The strategic dynamics are awesome

It is an RTS strategy game with a futuristic theme and a lot of in depth variety. The plot is that it is 2045 and the world is filled with two races namely the humans and the robots. They have the goal to establish their supremacy and they devise tactics and built resources and weapons for doing the same. You can either take control of the robots or bring the humans down or you can do the other way around. This allows you to play the game from two perspectives and adds replay value to it. The basic tactical approach in the game is that you need to do resource mining, equip and build units, explore and do researches and make the right investment decisions. Every step you take will count and every wrong move will make you lose points. The game gives you a technology tree which shows the progress that you make when you do reach on different resources and built your empire. There are three campaign modes which have their unique set ups and scenarios and has a very good A1 to render you with a tough time. The graphics in the game are also good and I will recommend it to all. Homeworld is anther game which I played when I was a kid and I really cherish it.

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