Galactic Civilizations

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Galactic War Space combat Turn based strategy

Sprawling economic, combat and strategy space game

Here's a game that will take all your spare time, that will keep you from your productive tasks and that will generally offer you a lot of mind twisting sensations! Yep, it's a space strategy game, one of the best if you ask me. It's got exploration, it's got economics, it's got strategic planning, it's got tactics, it's got a mighty smart Ai and it looks amazing as well. It's also fairly easy to play, in the sense that you can choose to automate a lot of the activities that the game allows you to control, should you so choose to do. Yep, the level of detail in the simulation can go out of hand at times, if you're a very hands down person, but the Ai can control and see that certain tasks are automated, without great losses of quality of outcome. I'd say, for starters, only keep yourself busy with some of the emergent strategy and economic bits, and let the game mange the other portions, and only intervene if the changes you want to make are extremely important. Maybe Alpha Centauri can offer something similar, but, definitely, Galactic Civilizations is the king of the hill for this kind of gameplay style.

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