X-COM: Interceptor

Strategy 1998 Windows MicroProse Galactic War Organized forces Space combat Action Sci fi

Has classic X Com strategy in, but space combat abounds

X-COM: Interceptor is the odd one in the X-Com series, a game that is mostly about space combat. So, overall, if you wanted to see the extent to where the game series has extended (sic!) it's tendrils, playing this oddity is definitely going to impress you. Also, what X-COM: Interceptor does great is the graphical and the controls levels, where everything is in the right place and you get a clean set of visual, the 2D ones and the 3D ones, while the controls work seamlessly. Some of the issues with games that happen in all directions at the same time, in space as it is, is that they tend to bring about a level of uncertainty as to where you are; not in X-COM: Interceptor; as in a thorough space shooter game, with this one you also get a good system to always know where you are and where you need to be, with loads of cues, and loads of visual aids. Also, it sort of tends to be more about arcade fun in space than anything else, so, certainly, if you play it as such, and expect this build, you'll love it. So, if you like classic tactics heavy X-Com, but want something different, yet in the same universe, with similar idiosyncrasies, X-COM: Interceptor is worth a good look.

Looks promising

X-COM: Interceptor is the fourth of the series, being a futuristic strategy game released and developed in 1998 by MicroProse. Throughout the ages, the aliens attacked coming from the planet Mars (in UFO: Enemy Unknown), from underwater (in X-COM: Terror from the Deep), and from other dimensions (in X-COM: Apocalypse). Now, in Interceptor, they return from the Universe, with fresh and more powerful forces. Of course, your mission is to stop their evil plans and rescue the humanity. Unlike its prequels, this game focuses especially on the resources management and on space combat simulation, but the strategy elements also dominate the style. After the Earth was out of resources, the humans decided to look for them in the space. You play as the commander of a region in the space called The Frontier, that is full of resources. As in the previous games, you can build numerous structures with certain and special destinations. But this is possible only if your budget is high enough. Another aspect that wasn't encountered in the previous versions is the different attacking strategy adopted by your enemies, the aliens. They will only attack your built and heavily armed units, not the areas that don't have a defense system. This game looks promising and will definitely offer you a great spending time!

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