Galactic Capitalism

Strategy 1995 Windows Galactic War Empire management Science Fiction

Strategy game set in space emphasizing economy

Galactic Capitalism is a trading game, simulation that also sports a few other elements, though the main portion of the game is this economic trade/barter. Space or no space, your main concern most of the times will be to find cheap goods and then deploy them where they are in demand, thus raising your margin for profit by a good chunk. Even more so, you have to calculate the resources it takes to transport goods to further away portions of the galaxy, and thus, insure that you are not spending more than you are making. There are also space pirates and other dangers that will pose a threat, and also, there is a cost to keeping your fleet functional, all elements contributing to the depth of the game. Anyway, do not expect a very hard game, as Galactic Capitalism is not. Also, do not expect a great looking game either. Galactic Capitalism is your rather unconcerned with graphics economic sim, but the mathematical simulation is very nice and rewarding, for math heads and entertainment economists. Give it a try, it is a good economic simulator.

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