Death Drome

Sport 1997 Windows Viacom New Media Futuristic Unconventional Action based

The action is really fantastic and smooth

It is a sporty game which involves deadly action. The sports thing in the game is that it involves vehicle in the form of a runner which will be used by your character in action. The plot is unique and that is your character is a prisoner who along with other prisoners is offered to perform in a deadly sports and action combat for getting their freedom. You will be driving a vehicle and competing with other prisoners who have the same goal of freedom. Fight to survival here is not easy as it involves many difficult combats and tasks which can kill anyone instantly and without zero warning. There are about 8 levels in total and each of the levels has 3 rounds of combats. In terms of the level designs, you will find it really diverse because they are huge and non-repetitive and have a large variety of different obstacles and enemies which call for great action. The graphics to support the action gameplay are very clear and colorful and the details have been incorporated to perfection. The controls are also very good and there is no lag in the gameplay. Games like this one and Crush! Deluxe will always be a good recommendation.

A lost games of the 90s

Deathdrome is a wonderful example of the many lost games of the 90's that had good potential, but for one reason or another, never took off. Far in the future, prisoners are given the option to enter a deadly sports competition to risk their freedom. You play one such unnamed prisoner fighting for your freedom in the Deathdrome, in a vehicle called a "runner". Of course, this is no easy task, as you must compete with other prisoners also after their freedom. Overall, Deathdrome is a well made game, that, like many games of its time, could have been extremely popular in better circumstances. A beautiful game I would recommend anyone who is worth their title of a gamer should play (and subsequently get addicted to).

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