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Isometric futuristic netball with droids!

Vectorball is yet another futuristic sports kind of mix, a playable one, for sure, set about on the idea of bringing classic netball into a game, but in a future setting. Thus, the game feels more like a competition between robots. Naturally, the graphics do a lot to make the premise feel pro[per; thus, it's all about isometric (a weird choice, given that it could have been seen better from a top down, no frills perspective). Vectorball plays well enough, and is best served using a joystick or gamepad controller. But either way, it plays nice, even if controlled by keyboard, the only problem being that it is hard to play at the higher speed difficulties. The pitching, the serves, that is, are set in fixed position 3D, which looks kind of gimmicky but as I said, the entire game is sort of gimmick heavy, and so, you have to take it with a grain of salt, all the way. But it plays nice, after you spend a few minutes with it and get familiar. Else, something like Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe can be just as cool, and it has the same kind of recipe. Plus, it's less gimmicky, so it takes less time to get used to it.

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