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Sport 1998 Windows Blue Byte Racket

Classic game for amateurs

It is one of those tennis games which offers wide variety of features which are actually needed for making such games exciting. You have a good variety of modes which includes the practice mode, the tournament mode, the single play mode and the doubles play mode. All the modes have been designed with a lot of details in terms of the graphics as you have some smooth movement and some very engaging background at every level. The other good thing in the game is that it is very rich in terms of the options of playing strokes as a tennis player. You can do a backhand, forehand, slice, cut, topspin rollover and some other great tennis moves. The other good thing is that all these moves can be easily perform through a joystick having a good number of buttons on it. You can also customize your player for the practice mode by enhancing 5 features such as backhand, forehand, speed, volley and service. The only thing in the game which causes to decrease its value for the gamers is that despite all the features, it is very easy to play. So I guess it is suited to children who love tennis. Veteran gamers should rather go for Pete Sampras Tennis 97.

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