Roland Garros 1997

Sport 1997 Windows Havas Edition Electronique Racket

Time for real tennis!

It is a very good tennis game with all the features that a gamer wants. Starting with the theme of the game, it does not involve any management and is pure tennis action which is really tough and engaging. The characters in the game are not real and have been devised with 3D graphics. The graphics are very rich in colors and animations and they allow for swift and detailed movements on the court. The background of the courts are also very engaging and the sound effects in the game are also good. You can choose from 7 female players and 10 male players and can also unlock futuristic players. The game gives you 5 different courts for play and the good thing is that these courts support a somewhat different gameplay. The controls are responsive and are very well balanced with all the three difficulty levels that are there in the game. The three modes allow you to take part in tournaments where you can play single matches or can participate in double matches. The interface is very simple and attractive and the animations are very good. It is more of a pure tennis action with many features like the game Actua Tennis.

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