Jimmi Connors Pro Tennis Tour

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An Ubisoft game that just isn1t that good...

Pro Tennis Tour is a very playable, well executed, and exciting to play tennis simulation, with a relatively high quality build. Even if it carries the brand of Ubisoft, unfortunately, it is not a game without its problems. Mainly, what might anger you is the fact that on the medium and easy settings a lot of your player's actions are automated. However, on the hard setting, while the movement is not automated, the game is just too hard, with AI players that play just a little too better, and a little too fast. So, the best way to experience it, as the controls and graphics are generally great, is to play in multiplayer mode against other players. Thus, Pro Tennis Tour will be a great oldie tennis game for multiplayer, for local multiplayer, but not as great for anything else. Sure, you could just settle for the middle difficulty setting, which allows you a little more control over the playing, but it still feels a little too automated. So, rather download Great Courts 2, for when you want a tennis game, retro, but one that lets you play, doesn't take the controls from your hands

The courts might be great but the gameplay is just alright

You'd think that adding a bit of a 2D human to a Pong racket would be an easy thing to do, right? After all, expanding on a game that was disseminated amongst home video game consoles more than a decade before this one was even released would have been enough to learn how to code a cool tennis game. Well, guess again, this one, while alright a game, still lacks polish, lacks that proper feel of a good game and has that very annoying tennis game problem: it automates a bit too much of the game. This is the great issue with this game, and to expand, with many of its genre: it doesn't really know where that sweet spot of gameplay is, and it can't sustain itself for as long as it should. But, don't get me wrong, for a forced perspective 3D game released in 89 it has enough to keep you interested for a bit. It's not a game that will entice you to go back to it again after that initial looking and feeling of the way it plays, but not calling it decent would not be fair either. Also, given that it was released on the Amiga PC first, it's got fairly good graphics for a DOS game, and is a good overall port.

Flawed in almost every way possible!

Jimmi Connors pro Tennis Tour is, to my best judgment, a game that just lacks polish to such an extent that it could be said to be unfinished. Naturally, I'm not trying to dismiss it out of context; Jimmi Connors pro Tennis Tour is a 2D, faux perspective 3D looking game, in a period where such a perspective on tennis sims was very common. However, the game is an absolute nuisance to play, as it features a very stiff and very finicky set of controls, not at all aided by the game's engine/ball physics, if you will. So, what you end up doing is trying to recreate the conditions that lead to your hitting the balls, but the game insists on not letting you aim at the ball, even if you time your racket aiming the right way. Thus, Jimmi Connors pro Tennis Tour is a flawed, almost unplayable kind of deal, the kind of game that should have stayed in production for a considerable amount of time. Nope, play Great Courts 2, much better overall, much smoother and not as finicky to control. Jimmi Connors pro Tennis Tour is just not worth the hassle!

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