Pete Sampras Tennis 97

Sport 1996 Windows Codemasters Racket

My favorite tennis game

It is a great sports game based on tennis and gives any tennis lover something to cheer about. The goal in the game is to win the most matches and tournaments and gain the highest rank on the world tennis chart. The game has 8 matches which are basically finals of 8 different tournaments that includes 4 Grand Slams. The Grand slam have been locked and will be unlocked only when you win the other 4 finals. So you can either play the single matches or can also take part in the tournaments based on knock outs. The knock out tournaments will involve up to 8 players. The single matches or the tournaments have their own difficulty level which despite of being tough are still winnable and enjoyable. The dynamics of the gameplay are fine and you can ploy all the shots and moves such as slices, forehand, backhand, drop shots and can even apply spin on the shots with easy execution. All these shots can be performed by the use of different buttons and are supported by some very fine graphics and animations. Ten different camera style have been incorporated in the game and you can adjust them to your liking. It is the playability and diversity of the game which has really impressed me a lot. Tennis Elbow is another good tennis classic but is inferior to this on.

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