Gangsters: Organized Crime

Strategy 1998 Windows Eidos Building Tycoon style Simulation Managerial

You no good to me? You dead.

This is a fantastic simulation strategy game that focuses on the most interesting and mysterious of all business - the mafia business. That's right. In this intriguing game, you are a head of the mob in the fictional Chicago suburb of New Temperance in the Prohibition era, the era of Al Capone. You have to take matters into your own hands arrange weekly jobs, that range from bribery to arson and murder. And this is not an easy task to do, no sir! You have to be determined, dangerous and persuasive. Very persuasive. You have to also be respected. You can follow your men and see how they follow your orders. When your chain expands, you have to recruit new people to do better. There are several ways to win the game. You can go straight and become a law abiding citizen, get elected mayor, become the only crime organization in the game or destroy every other gang in the town (the most fun part). The game is truly fantastic, and it's not easy. The graphics are very nice and detailed, envisioned in a nice isometric view that is very practical. If you like games where you play the bad guy (such as Syndicate), this game will truly be a treat. Recommended!

Take care of the business

As a boss of a mafia familiy in a city which includes about 5.000 citizens it's your job to take care of the business. You have to plan your weekly jobs such as bribery, robbery, house bombing etc - the kind of stuff the mob usually do. After finishing your week plan the game goes over to a simulation style where you can see how your folks following your orders. In this part you can also interact. I loved this game and played it many hours. Every fan of good simulation will be right served with it.

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