Seven Kingdoms

Strategy 1997 Windows Enlight Interactive God game or micromanagement Real time Building

A masterpiece for the true leading spirits out there

Seven Kingdoms is a 1998 real-time strategy game that will make you use your brain at high levels. The author of another great RTS designed this game, and he did a pretty amazing job. You will choose to play as one of the seven civilizations, and you will enter in a world full of diplomacy, intrigue, wars, sabotages. The seven races are: Japanese, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Normans, Persians and the Chinese. The developers tried their best to offer the players a total freedom of action, and a gameplay that almost reaches absolute perfection. You will have to take care more of the management of your resources. Another change is the more intense and faster progress. After you choose a civilization to control and administer, the competition against the other nations begins. You will struggle to maintain the full power of the lands, people and trades. Even the artificial intelligence was improved: your foes will be more powerful, more desirous to take you down and to gain the supreme authority and respect. Even the heavy and experienced gamers will find this game difficult, and the opponent's AI will represent a real challenge for them. Each civilization has its own God, you will use spies to infiltrate even to the highest structures and ranking people. Prepare for this real strategy game, that offers huge surprises and demands a true leading spirit capable to build the most prosperous kingdom!

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