Arcade 2004 Windows PLBM Games Challenges Casual

Catch the bombs, catch all of them!

In Kerboom, a smiling man in jail stripes is throwing bombs all over, and it's your task to catch them and immerse them in your buckets of water, thus preventing them from exploding. The game is pretty cool, as it's got a really ignoble premise, but a very cartoony build. You start with 3 buckets and every time you let a bomb explode you lose one bucket. But, as long as you play well afterwards, and manage to get 5000 points in classic mode, and 10000 points in the harder mode, you get a new bucket to replace the older one. The bombs, which the striped individual throws around can have quite erratic trajectories, but if you pay attention to their speeds and trajectories you can keep on catching them. The game ends when all three of your buckets have been destroyed, but, hopefully by that tome you'll have caught more bombs, managing to get more points than in your earlier go, and manage to get your name on the leader board. So, a simple, kind of ignoble, yet in a good way, game, true timewaster, for sure. Download Dyna Blaster too for yet another bombing based game, yet a more advanced one, with more aces up its sleeve.

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