Asterix Mega Madness

Arcade 2001 Windows Akella Humorous Challenges Cartoon

Minigames bundle with the mighty ludicrous characters!

Have you ever felt like entering a speed eating, speed drinking, and other beer pong type competitions, but felt that you don't really have the necessary heft to get these kind of challenges down as you need to? Well, no worry, now you can deploy Aterix, Obelix, Ms. Geriatrix and some other characters in the animated (and cartoon) series to do that for you. All you have to do is polish your fingers, warm your controller (or keyboard) up and pay close attention on screen. This is a classic example of games that make use of the classic quick time event type of control scheme; the game needs you to push buttons, sometimes testing your accuracy, sometimes testing your endurance, sometimes testing your speed. Heck, I think this could have been a cool way to test your controllers, see if the buttons are all in working order and what not, hehe! Graphically, well, it looks like the Nintendo 64 kind of games, so those that loved that kind of less detailed 3D will love these games. I sure did. Alternatively, see Asterix and Obelix the not so great platformer, but if you crave these characters, that one will have to do as well. Oh, or maybe, Asterix im Morgenland, the older adventure game, which is an alright adventure game with the two happy go lucky walking disasters!

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