Super Speed

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Topdown miniracer that really gets the recipe right

Especially today, when the internet is literally littered with racing minigames, it is quite hard to choose or maybe, even to create one such game without feeling like you need to pick something that has some unique element to it that distinguishes itself in some way from the others. Well, with Super Speed you get a game that was designed in a period where it needed not go crazy with features, and could just do a good job without trying to go outside of its way to bring out something novel. And as such, focused on getting the job done properly, Super Speed is a delightful mini racing game, set in these topdown one screen worlds that are just a beauty to behold and a really exciting experience overall. Try it, see if this is what you want of it and enjoy it thoroughly. It's got all it takes and nothing more, nothing superfluous. Oh, and, well, if you can't makedo without that special element, that plus of a selling point, then try Super Speed Christmas Edition, a game that brings a bit of snow and seasonal charm to the recipe. Eh, heck, try em both!

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