Strategy 1996 Dos PyroSoft Isometric Space combat Top down

Tank wars in nice looking 3D

Genocide is definitely one of the better artillery games out there. It's like Scorched Earth, only in 3D graphics. You are on a field with a number of other enemy tanks, and you have to fire them to destroy them. And like in Scorched Earth, you have to precisely calculate the angle of your shot and its intensity to aim at your opponent with perfection. But here is the kicker - while in Scorched Earth you had a dial at the bottom that tells you both information, in here you don't have that, and that's where the challenge lies. You have to aproximate those things yourself, and therefore become a better shot. The game is very fun and has pretty good animation and nice explosion scenes. The graphics are very nice and the design of the battlefield looks very good when viewed from an isometric perspective in nice 3D, although the tanks are pretty small as usual and not very detailed. They rather look like little dots on the screen. If you like tank games like the aforementioned Scorched Earth, this new third dimension will certainly bring a new perspective. Nice work!

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