Strategy 1997 Windows DTP Fantasy Isometric Top down

Lots of strategic elements, Fun!

It is a strategy based fantasy game which involves tactics for winning combats and war and establishing your supremacy. The game involves a lot of battles and scenarios and you can either play individual scenarios or take part in campaigns. There are two races in the game in which one is the human race and the other is the demonic race. You can play from either of the sides and this adds a lot of replay value and diversity to the game. The missions in the game will be played on a hex field where you can either control and run specific players with different skills or you can control armies and make formation. The basic theme is that you have to use the right players and the right armies against a specific opponent and make the right formations for winning. One of the skills that the heroes in the game have is that they can perform magic spells against the enemies. You will also be given special missions in the game where you will send out heroes to fight in dungeons and buildings. The graphics and the interface in the game are good but they could have been better. Still you have very much to enjoy here and you can try it along with FreeCiv which is also a good game in this genre of games.

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