Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain

Strategy 1997 Windows THQ Galactic War Space combat Real time Sci fi

A solid and sometimes overwhelming RTS strategy set in space

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain is a monster strategy game, played in real time in a novel setting for the kind of real time strategy mechanics that it uses: space. The game's setting which was novel also made use of very interesting navigation options for your units. The galaxy is brimful of wormholes, so you can transport your units faster through very large distances. The game was also novel in that it allowed you to change the features of your units, which meant that you could bring the game t be more suited to your particular style of gameplay by direct editing of your units features. However, in order to avoid unfair imbalances of the game, there are limits to this feature and the game thus manages to still remain challenging to play. But, the degree of customization was also in part a problem, because it allowed you the freedom to doom your units before they even got to fight. While only a few customizations were really efficient, most of them would not be worthwhile, and it took some time to learn that, leading to some very nasty defeats. In a lot of ways the other gameplay mechanics of Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain feels a lot like Master of Orion, without, of course, the turn based feature. However, because the game can feel overwhelming at times, you do have the option of slowing or increasing the speed of the game to better accommodate your own pace. Though a great game in its own terms, it can feel overwhelming for novices so only try it out if you don't mind a really caustic first impression or getting defeated many, many times before you learn how to play the game properly.

Space real-time strategy

Is a very nice real-time strategy game which involves both combat and diplomacy, politics and economics in achieving glory with your empire. You have several standard races, and you can custom one of your own. This game may look boring for ones, and very exciting to others. This game worths to be played. As long as you progress you will face new enemies or make worthy allies, build ship armadas and research amaizing technology which can prove your key to succes in your task for survival, and why not, for glory. Be master of espionage and steal tech, weaken your enemy from inside, or be the psychic type, to have the "already knowlege" advantage upon your enemies, or be a feared and ruthless warrior, or an amazing politician, and why not a bright scientist? Many exciting things awaits you in this game. Build now your Empire, and bring peace to the galaxy !

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