Fragile Allegiance

Strategy 1997 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Galactic War Space combat Economic Sci fi

Colonize asteroids and mine them!

The future, as we all expected, is depleted of resources to the point where the survivors have no other option but to start colonizing asteroids, and the ones that can't sustain life, just take them and simply exploit them via mining. It's all, of course, done in the name of progress but more so, war. It's a strategic game, but also an economics game and it also is all about colonization. Furthermore, with Fragile Allegiance you can also get to go to war. After you've gathered your resources and put them to good use, creating the proper kinds of ships, you can engage in massive space conflicts that will definitely test your endurance and will see you on your way. Furthermore, Fragile Allegiance is the kind of game that manages to create a very interesting feel and a very interesting perspective, in a way that is definitely set to offer you the kind of satisfaction that only true space simulations will allow. And, from all points of view, it is absolutely fantastic. So give it a try, and similarly, download Master of Orion, which, while different, and more of an X4 game, still is heavy in space battles.

Mine the asteroids and combat with your competition

This is a futuristic sci fi real time strategy game set on an asteroid and you play an employee for TetraCorp in a job of asteroid mining. Of course, you are not the only one competing for those precious resources, and you play against six other alien races that are also after the same thing. Starting with just one building and one million credits, you have to build a a successful mining operation to sell as much ore as possible. The alien races can be friendly or unfriendly , so you can combat them or form alliances. What is interesting in the game's combat system is the use of biological warfare, where you can go to other asteroids with various toxins to enable your enemies. The nicely programmed AI will guarantee an interesting and challenging game and a high replay value. The game has really old dated graphics, but that won't be a problem for lovers of old games. The user panel is very nicely organized and tastefully designed, making the visual appeal of the game really high. The music is very appropriate for the game, with decent and very nice sound effects. Overall, this is a very well designed and interesting space strategy game that will attract all strategy lovers and will suit their every need. This is a must have for your collection. And if you are up for some other sci fi strategies, try Alien Legacy or Ufo: Enemy Unknown.

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