Medieval Lords

Strategy 2004 Windows Monte Cristo Multimedia Real time Medieval

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The peasants are revolting

This is another one of those ever-so-popular city building type games which owes a lot to the original SimCity and to more modern takes on the genre such as Caesar. It's not a bad little game but doesn't really bring much that's new to the table, making it one for historical fans or diehard followers of this sort of thing. As you might expect from the title, this one thrusts you into the role of a medieval lord and charged with simply building up your empire from the ground up. As is usual for such things, you'll need to lay down certain types of buildings, create roads to connect things and so on, all the while considering the needs of your citizens in terms of things like water, food, protection, and other such resources. Combat also rears its head when your borders start to expand and reach those of your neighbors but it's a fairly simple affair which mostly revolves around having more troops than the enemy, rather than any complex army composition or tactics. As it might sound, this is very much business as usual for this sort of thing and if you have played any similar title you'll know exactly what you're getting yourself into here. There's nothing overly wrong with the game but it's so utterly lacking in personality that it's hard to recommend. There's certainly plenty to keep you busy but there are also a number of frustrations which bring the fun factor down, such as limited options for placing buildings, and wonky AI, so really this is one for the dedicated city building fan only.

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