Acid Tetris

Puzzle 1998 Dos Dosbox Dungeon Dwellers Design Tetris variant

Colorful but clean, as enticing as Tetris ever could be

Unless you love some other version, who knows for what reason, then Acid Tetris should be your DOS game to go for, as it is modern enough, clean but colorful, classic, in that it doesn't bring any new elements to the recipe and easy to control, with no quirks or any elements that will take you out of the game world. In fact, I'd say, Acid Tetris is a better option for you because it will also work on Win XP and later without Dos Box, simply by checking the compatibility mode to Win XP and alternatively to Win 98 (for XP machines) and to XP for Vista and Windows 7. I also love that the backgrounds of the game are pretty dark, which draws attention to the center of the game, where the action happens. If you want an alternative that shares the same darker background image theme, Novalight Tetris should also make it onto your short list of basic but highly playable Tetris titles. Although, I'd argue, Acid Tetris is a game that can be the best option for Windows, unless you have found some other game with a twist or a graphical look that you like more, for who knows what reason!

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