Goal 94

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A highly recommended soccer management game

This soccer management of the early 90's is a great addition to the goal series which has been brilliant in entertaining soccer lovers all over the world. The details in this version are far more detailed and also involves the new rules that were implemented in the 1994 world cup. To start with the features, the graphics have been significantly improved and that includes both the modeling of the players and the background details and different playing venues or playgrounds. The next feature on the list is that you now have a substitute keeper available and you can also view the stats of the keeper in terms of the goal conceded. The skills of the players can be customized and that includes, their ages and their speeds. The on-field action has been made more detailed and fast and this makes the game more thrilling than ever before. The game apart from the world cup also includes continental championships where you can compete against many teams. The field action has been supported by some very good controls and the opponent players are run by a brilliant computer A1 that makes all the matches thrilling and competitive. It is quite on the same level as that of FIFA 96 though that game came later.

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