Championship Manager: End of Season Edition

Sport 1994 Dos Domark Soccer Team management Business Tournaments

Proper soccer manager game; impressive

End of Season Edition is a classic soccer manager, with a penchant for managing teams from the very low positions to the point where the money keeps flowing and the teams are so much bigger and so much more interesting. It's got all the staples you require: it's got its own array of players, but you can also generate players, if you want a specific set up for your team. Also, you can manage your team individually, or globally and it doesn't take a long time to get the basics, which is great, as you can immerse yourself in the game in a very short amount of time. Plus, graphically, End of Season Edition looks great. The menus are well produced, well balanced, and contain the specific managerial tasks and controls that they should. Basically, you'll never want to get some action going and not be able to do it, or have to consult the manual in order to find it. It's a direct, well produced game, and always exciting to look into. Also, what End of Season Edition offers you is a really satisfying and well done, and if you want to try a classic game of this kind, End of Season Edition will definitely prove more than satisfying. Similarly, download Championship Manager 1993, which is kind of similar, kind of sharing a similar build.

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