UEFA Champions League

Sport 1995 Dos Philips Interactive Media, Inc. Soccer Tournaments

This one's a loser

The soccer market isn't exactly one which is short of a few games to choose from, from the likes of Sensible Soccer to FIFA to Championship Manager. Any game hoping to join the elite crowds and suck away players from the best of the genre has to be pretty special, but unfortunately, this installment in the long running UEFA series isn't like to attract anyone but the most diehard of fans. It seems to start out well enough, offering all the official licensed players and teams from the 1995 season but as you continue, it's likely that anyone who has played Manchester United: The Double from the same company will feel a distinct sense of deja vu. You have all the usual array of options, such as choosing tactics, playing different kinds of matches and so, but you are restricted to the 16 teams which played in the real league. Once you get into a match though, it all starts to go horribly wrong. There are so many things which have been tweaked from MU but which are now much worse. Pretty much everything from tackles to penalties, corners and free kicks are all poorly implemented, while the opponent's AI is of such a low level that almost no challenge is offered. Your own teammates aren't much better and it really does feel like you're playing by yourself most of the time, with everyone else just milling around uselessly. On the plus side, the graphics are pretty decent, with reasonably detail levels and animation, while everything moves at a good pace. However, the negatives far outweigh the positives and you're better sticking with The Double.

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