Zany Golf

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Humorous Golf

Where hamburgers, lasers and minigolf all collide!

I should have expected the game to be as tongue in cheek as it is, but frankly, I kind of wish it was even madder than it actually is. Ehh, well, I guess I have to dial down my expectations! Zany Golf is a minigolf in 2D kind of deal; you'll control your golf ball by seeing it isometrically and dialing the intensity of your shots as well as establishing its direction, to the best of your ability. But the catch of the game is its very diverse courses. Later on you'll unlock sci-fi themed ones, also encounter courses that parody games and so on and so forth. Besides, it's not all about pocketing the balls, in Zany Golf you will also get a good deal of puzzles that ask of you to intercept switches, or to fire a shot just at the right moment to be able to create a number of collisions that will see your ball reach a certain destination. So, the first impression that Zany Golf won't really take you places is soon displaced by a satisfied grin, that indeed this 88 spawn is actually worth its few megabytes, and I sure recommend it. If, however, you were looking for something a bit more down to earth, try Sensible Golf, one of my favorite, clean, 2D golf sims.

Play golf and play as long as you want

Zany Golf was released in 1988 when it was the early days of computer games. It is also knows as Will Harvey's Zany Golf. In this game you will find golf play very easy. It was develoed by Sandcastle Productions and published by Electronic Arts. Hats off to them to bring this game on 1988! This DOS game was later posted to sega gaming console. It is a multiplayer game so you can play with 3 more friends. It is a mini golf game with a lot of features. There are several holes in this game. The holes are – Windmill Hole (Par 2), Hamburger Hole (Par 3), Walls (Par 2), Pinball (Par 3), Fans (Par 3), Magic Carpet (Par 2), Castle (Par 3), Ant Hill (Par 3), Energy (Par 5), Mystery (Par 4). It is a well animated game where the holes are confined with bouncing hamburgers, windmills, weird-looking buildings etc. So the game is very interesting for this reason. The interesting part of the game is its very simple and entertaining. So you can play as long as you want. Overall it is 5 out of 5 rating game because in its time it was almost impossible to find such an interesting game.

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