Disc Golf

Sport 2000 Windows WizardWorks Golf


There are plenty of standard golf games on the market, from Jack Nicklaus 6 to Zany Golf, but if these are a little tame for you, then you might be tempted to try out this unusual offering. However, it's little more than a novelty game and is unlikely to keep anyone entertained for little more than an afternoon, if that. The key concept here is that the game takes the essentials of golf and then replaces certain elements for an altogether different challenge. So the balls are replaced with frisbees and the holes with metal baskets, and although the goal remains the same, to get the frisbee in the basket, a whole new skillset is now required to be successful. There's a range of courses to try out here, which are still essentially the same as traditional golf courses, while you've got access to nine different frisbees, each of which handles very differently, so some experimentation will be needed to find the one that suits you in any given situation. That's pretty much it for the game really, and while this is certainly a fun little game for a short time, you're soon going to get bored with it as it doesn't take long to master it or see all of its secrets. In terms of visuals, it's pleasant enough, with lots of lush, rolling green hills which are certainly easy on the eye. The controls are also pretty easy to pick up, but with the right degree of subtlety to mastering them, and there's a fair amount of courses to play through. However, it suffers from some very bland sound work and gameplay which just isn't varied, challenging or interesting enough to keep you going in the long term.

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