Good To Firm

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Moderately enjoyable horseracing management sim

The bulk of management sim developers have generally migrated towards other more profitable sports such as soccer, American Football, baseball, etc. However, WizardGames gave horseracing a try as well, with good result, coming up with 2 games that have this sport in their front and center. One such game is the Quarterpole game, the other one is Good to Firm, this game here. Within the game you will be tasked with the management of a stable of horses and their riders. However, that's not all that you will be doing. You will be looking for new horses to purchase and also places where you can sell your horses at a profit, manage your jockeys and try to get good results in races. The day-to-day management what it entails to take care of race horses can be quite enjoyable for a fan, or for someone that has an interest in the sport, but, quite frankly someone who is not in the know with the sport will find this game a bit too repetitive and too boring. So ask yourself if you care for the sport enough, as this game will play best only if you have previous knowledge of horseracing management, otherwise it will prove a little too tightfisted and will leave you wondering what to do next.

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