Olympic Games 92 TM

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Smart gameplay mechanics, arcade sports bundle

Most of the Olympics themed, arcade challenge games that I've played had some sort of minimalistic mechanic that was used and reused until you got bored of them. Also, generally, it was a kind of button mashing interaction that was just unsatisfactory and, if you will, pretty dumb. But not with Olympic Games 92: this one is a smarter breed of game bundle that simulates Olympic games. As such, you won't be as dissatisfied with the game interactions/mechanics. This one makes sure that you have fun actually playing the game, whether you're taking part in a running challenge or a pole vaulting, or any other of the types of disciplines that the game simulates/modulates. Graphically, the minigames are delivered in a kind of sidescroller 2D perspective with great colors and great overall polish, like a 16 bit type game. Also, the choice of colors is great, and thus, the game creates a really great atmosphere. The sounds are a bit on the disappointing side, but then again, I for one play most of the oldies with the sounds off, so do that and everything will be alright! Alternatively, see The Games: Summer Challenge, a more diverse bundle of sport based minigames, very well put together as well.

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