RSA Darts

Sport 1993 Dos Renier Crause Other sports

Skill based early DOS darts simulation

In RSA Darts you get a rather unimpressive graphically game; you get your darts board, complete with all the partitions that these boards are known for, and then you get your score and the score of your playing partner in the bottom left and right corners of the screen. Then, the shooting is a game of precision. There is a bouncing slider on the screen, one for the left and right positions and another one for the up and down ones. You pick where your dart should go and then you have to press your button at the exact right time, when the sliders are in position. It can take a while to get right, but once achieved, you'll have depleted the rightful no. of points you were looking for. The game plays until a player depletes the points allotted at the start of the game. Thus, the first to go through and deplete them all (without going over) will win. So, if you want a playable, sturdy, reliable DOS darts game, RSA Darts will surely do it. However, if you want a better looking game, then Friday Night 3D Darts is a much better choice for those love better looking games

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