World Hockey '95

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If you love NHL and simular

Simple sports games are often better than complex spotless production. Well, World Hockey 95 is a simple but fun sports game based on ice hockey and you won't regret downloading. The theme in the game is that it focuses on international teams and is not just playing but also about managing the team and the players. The game has three modes of gameplay namely the tournament mode, the exhibition mode and the practice mode. Begin with the practice mode to get a feel of the game so that you can advance on with s few controlled skills under your belt. The game has a good database which contains player stats that are quite helpful in making decisions related to swapping of players. You can train your team so that it can help you winning matches and tournaments. The A1 is really good because the opponent team has a thinking mindset on the field and they are ready to counter your moves and strategies. The game is also very good in terms of the controls because you can perform various on-field tricks quite perfectly and smoothly. The user interface in the game is though not top notch but is still good enough. The graphics are crisp and so is the music. I also like PBA Bowling as it is quite well designed and executed.

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