GP 500

Racing 1999 Windows MicroProse Motorbike Driving

Fast and bound on hardcore simulation

GP 500 is, by all standards, a hard game to play; not to master, but to actually play, more or less successfully, to manage to actually finish a race not being the last one! But that's not because the game is broken, nope, it's so because it requires that you really take it seriously. You do have to respect the track, learn it, take care to always be on the desirable lane and apply the brakes as needed, when they are needed! Nope, you can't really cheat this game, if you exit the course, and even if you go as far as riding the vibrator bits, you can get in trouble! Also, the other bikers know what they're doing, they're very fast and rarely make mistakes, so you've really got yourself a good bit of AI to compete against. And, above all these, the game looks great, modern, fast, no unnecessary lighting effects or depth of field that just looks awkward. Just a natural sense of speed that is true to the game because the game actually is fast, hehe, not because of some trick of vision. Besides, the level of detail for the tracks is very good, as well as the model of the pilots and bikes. So, that's the deal here, a heavy duty Moto GP game, a well produced one, but quite hard and demanding. Perfect for serious simulation fans.

Motorbike riding with the wind

Be careful because this is a simulation game, not an arcade game, like Motocross Madness. The track are nicely done and it's quite fun racing on POV mode. However, the HUD is kinda disappointing, because you're not given the information you need, like position and number of laps. The sounds of the engine are extremely well done and really make you feel that you're riding at over 300 kmph. Overall, GP 500 is a decent motorcycle racing game and is even worth your time.

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