International Moto X

Racing 1996 Dos Warner Interactive Design Tool Motorbike Driving

A pulse driving bike racing game

It is a typical bike racing game which gives you many reasons to play it. Racing is the main and the only theme and you get to start with the practice mode and then can move to the competition or the time trial mode. The first trait which I admire about this game is that the control of the bike is very much realistic which gives a great racing feel. The graphics have also been managed well and you have many courses to race on across different continents. The only view is the view from behind the biker but you have the option of zooming in out to get a clear view of the happenings. The best traits of this game which makes it prominent from others is the provisions of the course builder and the competition builder. So you can build your own course for racing and can also incorporate tournaments by setting different rules and prizes etc. The music of the bikes engines when they steam is quite realistic as well. The underlying physics model and the course detail are a bit lacking. Motocross is the other great bike racing game which involves fantastic physical dynamics and course details.

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