Manx TT

Racing 1997 Windows SEGA Motorbike Driving

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Thrilling fast paced arcade motorbike racer

SEGA was the absolute master of the arcade racers, whether it was bike racing or motor vehicle racing. But their extraordinary games didn't emerge of the blue, the company had a lot of titles that ran on the cabinets of thh 80s which were very successful in the era, so, in 1997 the Manx TT game was prime for delivery, given the amount of lessons that the company had learned in the mean time. Manx TT was and continues to be a very popular motorcycle racing course from the Isle of Man which during the period when the game was released, 1997, was host to its by-annual racing challenge. However, SEGA did not fall in the trap of many other developers, which are used to deliver shoddy games just so they coincide with popular events. No, Manx TT is a pretty solid racer, with the characteristic fast pace that SEGA is known for and with really great graphics, even for today's standards. The feel of the game is just right even in the DOS environment, not too arcade, not too simulation like. Therefore, you can enjoy it still and get a really good adrenaline kick, especially since the engine sounds are delivered really well.

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