Ultim@te Race Pro

Racing 1998 Windows Microprose Arcade style Driving Unconventional

Thrilling but short-lived driving action

If you can get past this game's limitations, then there is a great little racer on display here that provides all the fast-paced driving action that fans of Need for Speed and Screamer demand. There's nothing game-changing about Ultimate Race Pro and it doesn't offer much in the way of innovation but it does everything well and sometimes, that's what's most important. The game is a fairly straightforward arcade-style racer that presents players with an extensive selection of cars and then simply charges them with haring around a series of tracks with the goal of crossing the line in first place. That's pretty much as far as things go in terms of gameplay but what's on display here is immensely fun and slick if all you are after is some high speed thrills. One of the first things you'll notice about the game is the graphics, which are really impressive for its age, with plenty of eye candy in the track detail and which zip along at an appropriately exciting pace. The tracks themselves are well designed and challenging, while the cars are noticeably different in their handling, which adds to the difficulty, while the AI on the enemy drivers is also of a high standard and they will definitely push your driving skills. The game's only real problems are its lack of tracks, with only a handful to enjoy and which does reduces longevity somewhat, and the restricted number of modes which again hurts the replay value. However, the number of cars helps to counteract this slightly and while things last, this is a top notch racer.

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