Redline Racer

Racing 1998 Windows UBI Soft Motorbike Driving

Visually stunning racing game

Much like Moto Racer, this is a racing game that feature motorcycles. At first, you only have three bikes and three tracks at your disposal, but as you play and win races, more tracks and bikes will unlock for your selection, totaling ten tracks and eight bikes and there are even five secret vehicles . The options are quite various, since you can select the team your racer will be in and which gender he or she will be. The game has very good and exciting gameplay and will get you instantly hooked and if you opt for a multiplayer mode, you will have even more fun playing against live people. Each track has its own environment, so you can ride your bike over mountains, deserts, plains and beaches and the controls are very simple to use and not too sensitive. Where the game shines is the graphics department. Beautiful 3D visuals with outstanding detail to the surrounding will make you gape in amazement. You have multiple views of the camera while driving so you can view yourself from the first person perspective or the third person. While not a racing simulation like Need For Speed, this is a pretty fun and exciting racing game that should definitely be played.

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